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Xtreme Martial Arts


Kung Fu, literally translated,

 "hard work", best describes our training style. Results come with commitment! This martial arts class allows students to develop xtreme skills in the realm of contemporary and traditional martial arts through practice of kata, combat techniques, weapon training, acrobatic stunts and sparring. 

Xpert Nutrition


Nutrition is tricky, there is a lot of conflicting information and it can be difficult to achieve and maintain results. Our specialized trainers will empower you to make the healthiest food choices possible. Meal plans and resources backed by scientifically proven methods to prevent and reverse disease,  guarantee to revitalize your health and achieve optimal performance in all aspects of life.  

Xotic Pole Fitness


Life is too short for boring work outs, so come learn to fly! Pole dancing classes are challenging but great for all fitness levels. Xotic Pole Fitness is all about building strength, flexibility and learning to flow. A perfect way to gain confidence and get in touch with your inner badass.    

XTREME Schedule



Multi Class Pass - Xotic Pole Fitness @ Studio Bizz

C$ 180.00

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

9 - 1h class pass - Fundamentals / Xotic Pole 


6 - 1h30 class pass  - xk-ninja Pole  

@ Studio Bizz; 551 Mont Royal Est, 3rd floor, room D. 


No upcoming events.



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Want to feel great? Eating right is not always easy, but with the right tools and information, making healthy nutrition choices becomes easier.

Want to stay fit with a fun workout? Try a Martial Arts Class or Pole Dancing Classes with us and you'll be hooked! 

Send us a message, and we will get back to you soon. Together we can figure out a the best way for us to support you in attaining your fitness goals.

Metamorphose 1111 - Xtreme KinetiX

5440 Chemin Queen Mary, Montréal, Quebec H3X 1V6, Canada

(514) 501-4475


Monday - Friday: 9am - 10pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: By appointment

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